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Nowhere is this elegant combination better executed than at The Championships, Wimbledon, the annual international competition held in England each July. And that’s because tradition elevates this event for players and spectators alike. Guests are served strawberries and cream and drink refreshing Pimm’s Cups. Players must be dressed in suitable tennis attire that is almost entirely white. These rituals elevate the event (while also providing world class performances).

Long’s is proud to be an Official Rolex Jeweler, and the brand has been the official timepiece of The Championships, Wimbledon for over 40 years. Emblematic of this long-standing partnership, the Rolex Datejust is an instantly recognizable tag heuer replica watches–classic elegance in its appearance, but just as innovative. Here’s a brief history of the brand’s enduring ties to Wimbledon and how this sport, steeped in rituals, also continues to evolve.

Rolex first partnered with The Championships, Wimbledon, in 1978. The world’s oldest tennis tournament is the temple of lawn tennis and of the original game. It is also where athletes become legends.

Rolex is the Official Timekeeper and one of the major partners of all leading tennis tournaments. The story began at The Championships, Wimbledon, in 1978 when the brand first became involved with a sport capturing the world’s attention.

The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in south-west London has hosted The Championships since the inaugural edition in 1877. The world’s oldest tennis tournament, Wimbledon is the home of the sport and its grass court temple.

Above the players’ entrance to Centre Court, which seats 15,000 spectators, lines from the poem If by Rudyard Kipling read:

These verses encapsulate the event’s philosophy because, at Wimbledon, the greatness of the sport lies not in victory but in the humility and perseverance of the champions.

The intensity of Wimbledon finals on Centre Court means they live on in the memory as extraordinary moments of tennis history buy replica watches. Epic battles between the likes of Rod Laver and John Newcombe, Bjrn Borg and John McEnroe, Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have written the legend of Wimbledon and world tennis.

This unprecedented level of sporting excellence struck a chord with the ethos intrinsic to Rolex. A natural partnership developed at all the major tennis events, now spanning more than 40 years.

One of the most iconic timepieces, the Rolex Datejust has a celebrated history of delivering both precision, endurance and style. These are values the watch shares with “the King’s sport”, tennis. The game celebrates the grace and the power of athleticism. Long’s Jewelers has a vested interest in this grand past-time because Boston was the birthplace of the Davis Cup in 1900 – 12 years after we first opened our doors in 1878.

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