KIT Two-Way Radio System ENFORCER 32 WE APP. Kit contents:    Central 1x two-way radio Enforcer 32WE APP;    1x KX12DQ-WE detector IR-way radio;    1x MC1MINI-WE magnetic contact;    1x KF4-WE radio remote control;    1x PTAG proximity tag;    1x DIGI-GPRS GPRS modem with external antenna. Technical features: · 4 independent areas; · 32 bidirectional radio inputs; · 2 expandable to 34 wired inputs; · 3 expandable to 30 programmable outputs and outputs home automation; · Up to 32 bidirectional remote controls; · 75 user codes and proximity tags; · Up to 2 wireless sirens; · LCD keypad with integrated proximity reader; · Internal 0.7A power supply; · 10 SMS numbers with APP SMS Remote control support; · Contact ID and SIA Level 3 IP; · Support Pyronix CLOUD and APP HOMECONTROL +; · EC Electrical safety; EN50131 Grade 2; Environmental Class II, IMQ CA12.01328.



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