Ezviz H8c 2K⁺ Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera


Ezviz H8c 2K⁺ Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera

All-around protection with enhanced performance

The H8c 2K⁺ can be your ideal choice as a feature-rich outdoor camera to enhance home safety, especially for large-area monitoring. With its superior 2K⁺ resolution and 360-degree field-of-view, it can easily watch over your backyard or garage entrance without blind spots. The camera further adds person detection and auto-zoom tracking to better capture important activities with smarter alerts.

An eye for all-around protection in 2K⁺

Bye-bye to a narrow field of view or blurry images. The camera pans and tilts to take in information from all directions in 2K⁺ resolution, so you can see the big picture of your protected area without missing the small details.

A smart eye that locks on, zooms in and follows

The H8c 2K⁺ distinguishes people from pets or insignificant moving objects. When a human motion is detected, the camera will automatically rotate to track its movement and zoom in to record the activity. When in action, it makes it hard for your loved ones to stay out of sight.

A vigilant guard who works around the clock

The camera features the active defense function to provide an extra layer of protection. Upon detection of intruders, the camera will set off a loud siren and flash two dazzling spotlights³ to let uninvited visitors know they have been detected.

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