EZVIZ H6c Pro Type C Pan & Tilt Smart Home wifi Camera


EZVIZ H6c Pro Type C Pan & Tilt Smart Home wifi Camera

h6c pro

H6c Pro

Smart security catering for every household

Step into a realm of enhanced indoor security with the latest H6c Pro. Thanks to its rotation and patrol feature, this smart camera dynamically captures every corner with no detail unnoticed. Responding with unmatched agility to human motion and sudden clamors, it propels tracking into new levels. With a newly designed touch call button, the H6c Pro ensures you’re always connected to your family, no matter the distance.

Elevating visual protection in every angle

The H6c Pro unveils a panoramic vision over your indoor domain. It can deftly rotate to capture every detail in your room, such as the position of your little kids or your flurry pets, protecting your home from day to night.

360° Protection with customized patrol

The H6c Pro pans and tilts automatically to eliminate blind spots with its unique patrol mode . You can even customize patrol pattern in accordance with your very special home, leaving no corner uncovered.

Get the notifications that matter

A lot of activities go on inside your home. Don’t want to get alerted repeatedly when your curtains flutter in the wind? The H6c Pro is smart enough to identify human activities in particular. You can choose to get alerted only when somebody is detected on camera.

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