CCTV Switching Power Supply Centralizedd power 12v 30A in Sri Lanka

CCTV Switching Power Supply
12V 30A /RED-LINK / COOLING BY FREE AIR CONVECTION / RL-12V-H30A / 12V 30A 360W /REAL POWER/ Protections: Short Circuit/Overload/ Over Temperature / Indoor use Only
Soft- start Current can Reduce the AC Input Impact Effectively, With short- circuit and Overload Protection, LED indicator for power on Built-in cooling fan, 100% Full-Load Burning Test, Installed with EMI Filter, Minimum Wave, Wiring: L, N, END AC Power, Input, +V: DC Power Input, -V: DC Power Output, +ADJ: Fine Adjustment of Output Voltage with LED
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CCTV System Sri Lanka
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